Shrink Sleeve Labels

Packaging is the last part of the “puzzle” in getting a product onto and off of the shelf and it should not be overlooked.


shrink sleeve labels

We specialise in short run/low volume shrink sleeves in clear or printed format.


Why shrink sleeve labels?

  • Shrink sleeves are The Future of labels
  • They are able to Cover 90%-100% of a product and fit the shape of a product
  • They are always Glossy and Scratch/Scuff Proof
  • They are a perfect form of Tamper Evidence, something which most consumers are particularly concerned with.
  • We can produce them for you in Low or High Volumes and quickly.
  • A paper or plastic printed label is often a hassle to apply and if applied incorrectly it will Decrease the perceived quality of your product.

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We also offer Packaging Sourcing Services

Few stumbling blocks for smaller companies in the way of their growth:

  • They are forced to buy large quantities of various packaging goods even though they have specific needs.
  • If packaging is not their main industry it’s very time consuming and frustrating trying to source the correct packaging at the correct price and quantity.

At Packology we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the packaging industry. We are always happy to do the sourcing and procurement of all your small volume packaging needs.

We have two experienced representatives ready to meet with you if any of this information interests you. We are based in Modderfontein, Johannesburg and would love to meet with you on your premises to discuss your needs further.